Prosourz is a professional Payroll Management Company (PMC) which caters to the HR needs of its client Companies, ensuring that their employees are paid salary on due dates and that their recoveries and subscriptions are remitted into the proper accounts.

Companies generally have to focus on their core activities related to production, R&D, marketing, quality control, compliances and other such matters. HR management takes up a lot of their valuable time away from these activities. Sometimes, due to the great number of employees, the payroll work becomes very complex and time consuming.

Payroll management

All the aspects and stages of payroll management can be entrusted to Prosourz for faster and smoother process. Prosource can do all the work related to payroll processing, prepare connected taxation forms and prepare all the related reports to the authorities, the management and the employees.

Secure system

The readymade software that you find suitable for your establishment cannot guarantee privacy and security. If you feel that the details of your employees and their privacy and security are important considerations, you should rather entrust the work of managing your payroll operations to Prosourz as only Prosourz can guarantee the privacy and security of your employees.

Save the cost

By outsourcing payroll operations to Prosourz can save time and money spent on managing payroll internally. Calculating the several components of the payroll, determining and deducting tax obligations of the employees to be deducted at source, recovering other items like provident fund subscription and salary advances, preparing cheques and providing reports to management, etc. take up a lot of time of the HR department employees. Prosourz will make it simpler and less costly. Prosourz also provides services like retirement plans and pension payments in addition to salary payments and related work.

Better accountability

The possibility of errors and omissions in calculation of tax can be avoided by outsourcing payroll operations to Prosourz, as they have all the latest rules and regulations connected with payroll and. As regulations related to taxation are always changing, your HR section can be relieved of the burden of knowing the latest tax code, learning tax tables, acquainting with prescribed forms or with payroll software versions and filing returns within the deadlines.

Our plans

Easy Plan

Collecting payment from the company and fulfilling all the payroll management responsibilities

Flexi Plan

Partially collecting payment from the company and paying the net salary portion on due date and remitting the other compliances after getting the balance from the company.

Maxi Plan

Fulfilling all the payroll management responsibilities on the due dates and getting the amount reimbursed within 7 days from the company.